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The driver of a 1994 Honda Civic that was involved in a hit and run on Monday appeared in a Las Vegas court on Friday. Rodrigo Tomax, twenty-five years old and a resident of Las Vegas, turned himself into North Las Vegas police where he was booked for duty to stop at a scene of an accident with injury. A judge ordered him held in custody until his hearing on July first.

During the incident in question the vehicle allegedly driven by Tomax drove up onto a street corner into a group of juveniles standing there. One child, an eleven year old boy, was taken to a local hospital for treatment of injuries sustained during the accident. The vehicle then left the scene of the accident, but was later found abandoned.

Many times an accident is just an accident, easily brushed off and forgotten. Sometimes though, in cases of negligence or serious injury, retaining the services of an attorney become necessary. The firm of Hofland & Tomsheck has over fifteen years of experience in the courts of Nevada and a reputation for quality advice and representation. If you or a loved one has been injured or your family has been the victim of a wrongful death, please contact us either by phone or through our website for a free consultation. construction workers were injured after several I-beams weighing in at more then 60,000 pounds fell while being set. Neither suffered life-threatening injuries. One worker is fifty-two years old and the other forty-six years old. The site of the incident was on I-605 where multiple carpool lanes are being joined together. While traffic was stopped by the accident, the freeways were quickly re-opened. OSHA and the construction company handling the project are investigating what lead to the accident in the first place.

Often times tragedy strikes without warning and already stressful situations become horrific on the turn of a dime. When tragedy strikes you are frequently left shocked and desperately seeking help. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed, in a car accident, wrongful death, construction disputes or any other serious personal injury claim, you don’t have to go through such difficult situations alone. With over fifteen years of experience, the attorneys at Hofland and Tomshek are here to listen to you and answer your questions. Call our offices today for a free consultation, where you will speak with an attorney, not an assistant, paralegal or sign up specialist. We’ll listen to your case and discuss your legal options. Call today. motorcycle officer with the Henerson Police Department was injured while on duty recently. Officer Marcus Hudson was on Sunset Road in the area of Green Valley Parkway heading eastbound when another motorist changed lanes, striking Officer Hudson. Hudson lost control of his motorcycle and he and the bike went down. Officer Hudson was transported to a local hospital where he was treated for his injuries, which are listed as being non-life threatening. The Henderson Police Department is continuing to investigate the accident.

Many times an accident is just an accident, easily brushed off and forgotten. Sometimes though, in cases of negligence or serious injury, retaining the services of an attorney become necessary. The firm of Hofland & Tomsheck has over fifteen years of experience in the courts of Nevada and has earned a reputation for quality advice and representation. We are experienced in more then just personal injury and wrongful death litigation though, we also handle family law, divorce, estate planning and many other areas of law. If you or a loved one find themselves in need of any of our areas of expertise, please contact us either by phone or through our website for a free consultation. We are here to help you when you need it most.


iBjornDangerous and reckless drivers can affect all of us, especially if behind the wheel of a large vehicle. The damage caused by a heavy truck, from a pickup to a shipping truck, can be devastating, requiring thousands of dollars and months to years of recovery. In fact, things might never be the same again. None of these costs should be paid by the victim or the victim’s family.

According to a criminal complaint, the commercial truck driver who caused a crash in New Jersey which critically injured a famous comedian and killed another had not slept in more than 24 hours.

The 35-year-old trucker is free after posting $50,000 and is soon due to appear in court to face charges of death by auto and four counts of assault by auto.

James PalinsadWe all have to share the road; which means certain laws must be followed. Speed limit, when to pass, when to turn, where to park — all of these laws are in place for the safety of everyone. Often when someone ignores them, someone is hurt and left with time away from work, repairs bills for a car (or the cost of a new car), medical bills, and other problems that take money to overcome. It’s only right that the person who was careless or reckless should have to pay those costs.

A three-vehicle collision left one person injured. It is suspected a teenager driving under the influence was involved, said Metro Police officials.

Metro was called to the scene of an accident at around 8 in the morning. One of the victims, riding in a truck, was ejected during the crash and taken to University Medical Center in critical condition, according to police.

Dennis Bratland via Wikimedia Creative Commons LicenseMotorcyclists on the road deserve just as much protection as those traveling the road in cars and trucks — maybe more so, considering how many fail to check properly to make sure there aren’t any motorcycles next to them, causing thousands of accidents a year. The injuries might be minor, but all too often, they’re severe enough to force time away from work, or even fatal. It is the responsibility of the one who caused the accident to pay for the aftermath, whether it is medical bills, time lost at work, pain and suffering, or wrongful death.

Two people were killed and three others injuredin a collision of three motorcycles on State Route 341 near Reno.

According to the Nevada Highway Patrol’s preliminary investigation, one motorcycle was heading from Virginia City to Reno, with the other two going in the opposite direction when the crash occurred. Troopers said one of the motorcycles cross the center line, which started everything.

Sal FalcoThe law is, in many ways, very much like its own complicated language. It’s very easy for things to get lost in the translation, or misinterpreted. Mistakes lost in the translation or clever turns of phrase, like the manipulation of loopholes, can cause unforeseen trouble when dealing with insurance companies or opposing attorneys following an accident. It is a necessity to find a legal counselor who is fluent in the language of law in these situations.

A man who suffered a knee injury when souvenirs were tossed to the crowd during a Monday Night Football viewing at the Palms was awarded a $6.6 million judgment — only to have it overturned by the Nevada Supreme Court.

While the court said the casino could be held liable for the injury, the District Court judge who first handled the case was deemed to have allowed some testimony that should have been left out, while excluding other important testimony.

wallAccidents can happen to anyone at any time. While it’s somewhat easy to keep safe at home or in other places where one is completely in control of the environment, it’s a little more difficult out there in the world full of reckless drivers and people who disregard safely laws and regulations. Sometimes even those we consider friends can have a moment of carelessness that can cause injury. That should not exempt them from their responsibility to offer legal compensation for those they have harmed.

A woman was arrested and jailed for drunk driving and crashing into a concrete wall. Her passenger sustained life-threatening injuries, according to Metro Police.

The 23-year-old driver was taken to Clark County Detention Center and charged with a count of driving under the influence resulting in substantial bodily harm, jail records reported. have just as much right to use the roads as any other motor vehicle. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are more likely to suffer accidents than most other drivers. Motorcycles are lighter vehicles, which makes it easier to knock them over, and they are open to the air, making it much more likely that the rider will be thrown into the street. Because they are smaller, sometimes car drivers have difficulty seeing a motorcycle before it’s too late. None of these are excuses, however, for a reckless driver injuring a motorcyclist.

A motorcyclist was taken to Sunrise Trauma after a crash with a sliver car. It happened around 3:30 in the afternoon on Tropicana Avanue.

Metro shut down the lanes involved as they investigated, forcing drivers to make detours.

reclusoryLegal compensation after an accident isn’t just a question of money. It’s a question of responsibility. Why should the people injured, through no fault of their own, have to pay for their medical costs? It is the responsibility of those who caused the injury to help the injured. That is what legal compensation for — it makes sure those who harm others are financially responsible for the damage they’ve caused.

A 19-year-old man has offered a guilty plea to a charge of driving under the influence of marijuana and prescription drugs after crashing into a restaurant last year, resulting in the injuries of 10 people.

The man was driving his mother’s black 1993 Lexus LS400 a bit after noon on April 1, 2013 when he ran over the median, crashed into two other vehicles, and went through the outer courtyard of the restaurant, which was currently serving a large crowd.

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