3 Motorcycle Crash Near Reno Leaves 2 Dead


Dennis Bratland via Wikimedia Creative Commons LicenseMotorcyclists on the road deserve just as much protection as those traveling the road in cars and trucks — maybe more so, considering how many fail to check properly to make sure there aren’t any motorcycles next to them, causing thousands of accidents a year. The injuries might be minor, but all too often, they’re severe enough to force time away from work, or even fatal. It is the responsibility of the one who caused the accident to pay for the aftermath, whether it is medical bills, time lost at work, pain and suffering, or wrongful death.

Two people were killed and three others injuredin a collision of three motorcycles on State Route 341 near Reno.

According to the Nevada Highway Patrol’s preliminary investigation, one motorcycle was heading from Virginia City to Reno, with the other two going in the opposite direction when the crash occurred. Troopers said one of the motorcycles cross the center line, which started everything.

The drivers of the two motorcycles going from Reno to Virginia City died at the scene, while their female passengers were taken to the hospital, along with the driver of the other motorcycle. Currently, the extent of their injuries is unknown.

Everyone involved was wearing a helmet, troopers said.

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