Tree Trimmer Hurt while at Work


tree_trimerIt should be a reasonable expectation that one is able to go to work, be safe, and return home uninjured, even in jobs where some risk is involved. There are laws and regulations created to protect the wellbeing of workers, even at the most dangerous jobs. Still, there are no regulations that can prevent the recklessness of another human being. If someone is going to disregard the measures that exist to keep everyone safe, chances are good someone is going to get hurt. When that happens, the one who caused injury should have to face the full consequences, including payment to the injured party.

A person working in a tree trimming basket was hurt when the vehicle to which the basket was attached was struck by truck.

According to a Metro officer, the call came in just after noon, from southeast Las Vegas. The accident occurred on East Crellin Circle, not far from South Sandhill and East Russel roads.

The victim was listed in critical condition at Sunrise Trauma.

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