Police Searching for SUV in Connection to Pedestrian Hit-and-Run Accident

Alec TabecAccidents have many costs. One of them is the most obvious: physical. Damaged property or injuries are the most visible cost of an accident, requiring repairs or medical attention. Mental and emotional damage occurs as well. Even a minor accident is a traumatic experience that can cost time for recovery. There are also financial costs. Someone has to pay for the medical bills, repair costs, time taken away from work, and any other price to pay in the aftermath of an accident. That someone should never be the victim.

Metro police were on the hunt for a white Ford SUV, which may have been an Explorer, after a pedestrian was hospitalized in a hit-an-run accident.

The pedestrian was walking across Las Vegas Boulevard at around 8 p.m. outside of a marked crosswalk. Police say the vehicle struck the man, and then drove away, leaving the victim in the street.

According to police, the victim, a 35-year-old man, lost a great deal of blood and was taken to University Medical Center to be treated. He was listed there in critical condition.

Witnesses said the driver of the Ford SUV drove away at a high speed. Police issued a description of the SUV in the hope a citizen would see it and report it.

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