Panic after Fight at MGM

mgmThe unfortunate truth is that injury is possible nearly anywhere, especially when other people are involved. While it’s certainly possible to be injured at home alone, most accidents or personal injuries are caused through the actions of another person. Often, this other person shows a disregard for the law or for other people. Cases like these are cases that should involve legal compensation — not just to pay medical bills, but because it is just to make sure others are responsible for the harm they have caused.

There were dozens of injuries at the MGM Grand after a major boxing match in early May.

According to witnesses, there was a loud noise, like a gunshot, and the crowd panicked. Thousands of spectators rushed the exits.

One witness says the whole thing may have been started by a fight, even before the loud noise was sounded. Chanting was heard, which became an argument. A fight broke out. According to another witness, a loud “boom” triggered a stampede of people trying to flee. The gunshot-like noise, however, turned out to be just a wall divider falling to the floor.

A witness said he saw an older woman getting stepped upon and a child with blood on his face, father kneel over him and calling for help. The crowd pushed into the media room, and people retreated into shops and restaurants, unable to get out.

Clark County’s Fire Prevention Bureau is reviewing the exit plans for the hotel-casino. According to the county’s fire chief, there should have been plans for mass exit. He also said the best thing to do is not panic and help those who cannot move more quickly, without pushing or shoving.

MGM Grand has promised to investigate the matter and enhance safety precautions in the aftermath of the riot.

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