Motorcycle Crash Keeps ‘Pawn Stars’ Celebrity From His Own Birthday Bash

fesekNo one is immune to accidents. They can happen to anyone at any time, and all we can do is do our best to keep safe. Yet, even the best can’t avoid being the victim of another’s carelessness. At times like these, legal compensation is part of the recovery process, and more than that, it’s a form of justice. The injured person should not be responsible for the sometimes crushing costs that arise out of an accident or some other personal injury.

One of the hosts of “Pawn Stars”, Corey Harrison, also known as Big Hoss, was injured in a motorcycle accident, just hours before he was to celebrate his 31st birthday. His injuries included a broken arm, and some damage to his back and foot.

Of course, the extent of his injuries meant Harrison could not attend his own birthday dinner at a Las Vegas steakhouse. His father and stepmother had planned to surprise him there with a birthday cake shaped like a motorcycle.

Since the guest of honor couldn’t come to his own party, the cake was taken to his home, so he could enjoy it despite his accident.

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