Fireworks Blamed for Deadly Arizona Car Explosion

Les ChatfieldIt can sometimes be difficult to determine just who is at fault when a serious accident occurs. Sometimes, no one is really at fault. The fact remains, however, that someone was injured and those injuries will require time away from work and money to heal. The injured party may not be able to adequately pay without financially crippling him or herself or the family. Legal compensation is a necessity.

According to authorities in Lake Havasu, Arizona, a chemical reaction occurred between fireworks and some mixing compounds being transported in a car. The combination caused an explosion which killed a 59-year-old man from Menlo Park, California.

According to the city fire marshal from Lake Havasu, the explosion happened as the Menlo Park resident and another man was driving down Arizona Route 95 through Lake Havasu City on Feb. 12. The Menlo Park resident was severely burned by an explosion of fireworks from the car’s trunk and he died fifteen days later at a Las Vegas hospital.

The deceased man had been in Lake Havasu City to attend a Western Pyrotechnics Association event.

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