Vehicle Wraps Around Motorcycle can be dangerous out on the roads, even more so for anyone riding a motorcycle. Without the protection of the frame of a car, motorcyclists simply face more danger than other motor vehicle operators. Not only are they relatively unprotected, but sometimes other drivers have trouble seeing them. This does not mean, however, that any injury to a motorcycle rider should be tolerated. It only means that those who drive should be more watchful and more careful. Anyone who crashes into a motorcycle should have a price to pay.

One person was listed in critical condition after his motorcycle crashed into another vehicle near West Sahara and South Hualapai Way.

According to a Metro officer, the call came in just before 8 in the morning for the accident. Reports say landscapers had to remove the vehicle from the motorcycle.

The rider was taken to UMC Trauma, and a request for Metro’s Fatal Unit has been issued.

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