Recovery Proceeding Well for Hit and Run Victim

Wikimedia CommonsMiracles happen every single day. The parents of Brazyl Ward, a 6 year old who was traumatically injured by a hit and run driver, can testify to that fact. Brandon and Tiffany Ward watched their daughter recover from a coma while doctors gave slim chances of whether she would wake up ever again.

Fortunately, she did wake up from the accident that happened on Halloween night, and she’s even slowly recovering from the brain injuries that she’s incurred. She’s fighting back, which is the best news that the entire Ward family can hope for.

She’s learning how to cope with her injuries one day at a time as she recuperates in a facility that’s designed just for children. Each day is a new challenge, “I’m doing it,” the six year old says brightly. “I feel so much better now!”

Brazyl Ward loves pink, butterflies, and life. She’s got painted nails, a pink watch, and even pink shoes. She’s in a wheelchair, but that doesn’t stop her from sharing her exuberance with the world. “Brazyl has a purpose on this Earth, greater than we even know,” says Brandon, her father.

The miracle of life and recovery has turned every moment with their child into a gift. And they’re making sure that they spread the word. “Quality time with your kids. Never think it’s too much if something God forbid could be taken from you. Don’t want regrets.”

The perpetrator of this horrible accident is still at large, and Brazyl Ward has sustained enough injuries from this hit-and-run driver’s negligence. Unfortunately, these types of accidents happen all the time, every day throughout the country and within the Las Vegas area. Too many times, the families are left trying to figure out what they should do.

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