Efforts to eliminate automobile and pedestrian accidents – what to do if you have been injured

Las Vegas is a city with many visitors, many of whom choose to walk from location to location while they are on vacation.  Unfortunately, many of these people don’t realize just how dangerous it can be when walking in areas shared with automobiles.


Recently, there has been a push among several organizations, including the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, to increase awareness in pedestrian safety and to make drivers more aware of the dangers of pedestrian interaction.


The cause for concern is understandable.  There have been many well publicized incidents of pedestrian vs. vehicle accidents in the last several years in Las Vegas, many leading to catastrophic injuries and death for those involved.  As of August of this year, there have been almost three dozen pedestrian fatalities, equaling nearly the amount of pedestrians killed in all of 2012.

Given the sheer number of these incidents, as well as the grave consequences of a pedestrian accident, it is no surprise that the government is getting involved and that Metro police are “cracking down” on drivers who fail to stop for pedestrians in the roadway.  The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department recently announced that such a violation would lead to increased fines, as much as $250.00 for a first offense.


In addition to government agencies and law enforcement, media outlets throughout the Las Vegas valley are rallying around the cause as well, doing public interest stories to increase awareness.


There are many things pedestrians and drivers can do to help, such as being cognizant of marked crosswalks, driving cautiously, pausing to look both ways and simply being aware of your surroundings at all times.  Drivers need to remember that pedestrians always have the right of way and pedestrians need to remember to only cross roadways in clearly marked crosswalks.


If you, or someone you know, were a pedestrian who has been injured in an accident with a motor vehicle in Las Vegas, you are likely entitled to monetary damages from the person who caused your injuries.  You have a right to be reimbursed for any expenses related to your medical bills and treatment, lost wages, out of pocket expenses and the pain and suffering you have been forced to endure due to the carelessness of the driver who struck you.


Usually, the insurance company who represents the person driving the car that struck you will do everything in their power to avoid paying the damages to which you are entitled. Remember that it is the job of the insurance company to pay out as little as possible.  The insurance company does not work for you and is only concerned about their bottom line.  It is important that you not speak to the other person’s insurance company without first consulting with a knowledgeable and experienced injury attorney who knows how to interact with insurance adjusters and their attorneys.  An injured person should never settle a claim with an insurance company without discussing all of their rights and remedies with a lawyer that works for them and has their best interest at heart.  .


At the Las Vegas Personal Injury Law Firm of Hofland & Tomsheck, we have the resources and experience to ensure that you get the best recovery possible.  We can help you with medical bills and the full recovery to which you are entitled.  Call us today and allow us to shield you from the insurance companies and start fighting for your full recovery.

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